Delay making any judgments until 2022 regarding Swyftx or CoinSpot investments.

Which service, out of Coinspot and Swyftx, do you prefer, and why?

Given that Australia is home to over 250 official cryptocurrency exchanges, it is evident that its citizens are among the world’s biggest cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It can be overwhelming to begin with the sheer number of platforms accessible. The exchange site you select will have a significant impact on the success or failure of your trade. It is likely that you have already reduced your selections to Swyftx and CoinSpot if you have seen this comparison.

We have produced a brief comparison of CoinSpot and SwyftX, taking into consideration the fees, security, and currency alternatives offered by each site, to help you make your decision.

An overview of Swyftx

Swyftx was established in 2019 by CEO Alex Harper and CTO Angus Goldman with the goal of simplifying the process of exchanging digital currencies for Australians. Both creators are well-known in the cryptocurrency world and have focused on filling in gaps in the market and easing issues faced by bitcoin

dealers. Enrolling in this program is simple, and it takes less than five minutes to verify your identification. They offer $20 in Bitcoin to new customers upon login, which may be used for a practice account or a demo, to help you get started.

A screenshot of Coinspot

Coinspot is one of the simplest exchange sites in Australia, having been founded in 2013. They used to just deal in Bitcoin, however these days they accept a large range of other cryptocurrencies. While making an account is simple, proving your identity requires more effort. It is easy to put things up in spite of this.

What distinguishes Coinspot and Swyftx from one other?

We have created a comparison between Coinspot and Swyftx that focuses on the key characteristics for cryptocurrency traders in case you are having trouble choosing. Let us go the whole nine rounds to determine the winner.

Coinspot vs. Swyftx: Usability\

Selecting a platform with an easy-to-use interface is extremely important, considering how complicated and opaque the bitcoin market can be. Swyftx has worked hard to build a website that traders of all experience levels may enjoy using. It is really easy to find what you need because to the

great design. Swyftx is offering free $20 worth of bitcoin if you are new to the world of cryptocurrency trading. A user-friendly website for managing cryptocurrency assets is also provided by Coinspot. Both desktop computers and smartphones can access it, and the visually appealing design


In 2021, cryptocurrency theft totaled $1.9 billion, a 40% increase over 2020. It is not a good idea to place your money on an insecure network because hackers regularly target cryptocurrency exchanges. Both platforms have well-funded server security measures in place to guarantee

the security of your payments. Two-factor authentication is one of Swyftx’s several security measures that helps guarantee that only you can access your account. You will have the choice to get notifications during the sign-up process if someone accesses your account without your permission.

It is necessary in order to update your account details, withdraw money, and occasionally execute significant trades. Swyftx has partnered with cloud platform security company Auth0 to guarantee the security of all user accounts and passwords. They also make use of penetration testing and data encryption to safeguard your account. Unbelievably, Swyftx has never been compromised. It is also amazing

that Coinspot has never experienced a hack. Coinspot has less robust security protections than Swyftx, but they are still good. Their key security mechanism is their two-factor authentication system, which sends a code to your phone anytime someone tries to access your account. They have included both an adjustable withdrawal decrease and session timeout limit settings to further secure your account.


Management exchange websites are safer thanks to Know Your Buyer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. There is a significant reduction in fraud and a significant improvement in account security when comparing Swyftx to CoinSpot. Swyftx and Coinspot are supervised by AUSTRAC, which makes sure they follow Australia’s strict financial laws.

Procedures for Withdrawing and Making Payments

Both websites include a range of common deposit and withdrawal options, which makes them both practical choices. You can send and receive money fast with Swyftx using debit cards, bank transfers, OSKO, PayID, and POLi. PayID and PLOi provide quick deposits, whereas bank transfers could

take some time; OSKO deposits frequently appear the next business day. Fully confirmed Swyftx users can spend up to $100,000, but unverified users are only allowed to make transactions up to $20,000. There are no fees associated with withdrawals made in Australian dollars.

PayID, bank transfer (BPAY), personal online banking (POLi), and cash are the four main ways to make deposits to Coinspot. Instantaneous deposits are available with all of these methods, with the exception of BPAY deposits, which are processed after 3 p.m. days.

Coinspot’s $10,000 cash limit and $8,000 cash deposit are a major disadvantage for experienced investors. The fact that Coinspot only permits withdrawals in fiat money is another drawback.

5Never Stop Learning About Virtual and Real Assets

The overall amount of cryptocurrencies that a website supports determines how many distinct trading pairings are available for you to employ on that exchange. When a site has few coins, Swyftx vs. CoinSpot limits the amount of deals you can make, which could

decrease your profits. More than 250 different coins are presently supported by Swyftx, including Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and even the relatively unknown Civic (CVC). These kinds of coins can be exchanged for bitcoin, US dollars, Australian dollars, and other currencies.

Additionally, Coinspot offers a constantly growing assortment of virtual currencies. This is why experienced traders with diverse portfolios are rewarded on the platform.


Swyftx offers some of the lowest trading costs in Australia since all transactions are carried out at market value. They will not charge you any fees to make a trade or withdraw your money if you deposit more than $200 in fiat money or cryptocurrency. A 2% fee will be applied to deposits that fall short of this cap. Swyftx levies a fixed 0.6% convenience fee on all trades in addition

to 0.45% for the lowest open. With a trading cost of about 0.1%, Coinspot offers exceptionally low fees. On the other hand, their 1% convenience fee on every trade is rather high when compared to other platforms. Deposit and withdrawal limits differ depending on the transfer method.

7.Assistance to Clients

Positive Trustpilot reviews attest to Swyftx’s superior customer support. Their astounding 4.7 rating based on more than 2300 reviews is quite convincing. They respond fast, usually in three minutes, however email tickets can take longer. Additionally, Swyftx offers a knowledge base to

address typical account issues. Coinspot delivers great customer service despite having a lower Trustpilot rating. They have an average rating of 4.5 after a thousand ratings. If you need to contact us, you can utilize our live chat feature and support tickets.

8.Mobile App

Using a mobile app to trade is easy as it can be done from anywhere at any time. The screen’s small size is really their main flaw. For them, the format is the same as that of the PC version. Both Swyftx and Coinspot provide mobile apps for iOS and Android that work exactly like their desktop equivalents.

9.Prototype Account 

A demo account is a terrific opportunity to take a risk-free look at the exciting world of cryptocurrencies while you are just getting started. By mimicking actual transactions and experimenting with various currency pairings, Swyftx vs. CoinSpot is an excellent method to practice trading without risking any real money. Once your demo balance is exhausted, you can use Swyftx again whenever you would like.

A Review of Swyftx and Coinspot

Which of the two major Australian exchange platforms should you use, and based on what criteria?

Consider the following factors before signing up as a new member on a trading platform: Because of the stringent laws in place, there is a significant chance you may have to provide identification before using a bitcoin exchange in Australia. Although it is easier to sign up for an

unregulated platform, trading limits are smaller and dangers are higher. Select a platform that offers cryptocurrency pairings that align with your investment objectives at all times. Most Australian exchanges do not support new coins or coins that safeguard buyer confidentiality.

Limits and Restrictions on Trading The minimum and maximum quantities of cryptocurrency that can be exchanged in a given day are determined by the number of deals that occur on the platform each day. If you want to use fiat money, pick a cryptocurrency trading platform that

accepts deposits and withdrawals in Australian dollars (AUD). Does this platform have a history of security breaches? Although exchange sites are a popular target for cybercriminals, attacks on more secure platforms are rare. Select a location with several defenses.

Where Is the Best Place to Put Your Money? Which is better, Swyftx or Coinspot?

When deciding which cryptocurrency exchange site to use, take into account its costs, security, accepted coins, and customer support. For novice and expert traders alike, the two platforms are equally serious; nevertheless, Swyftx has additional features that may enhance

your trading experience. They have much cheaper fees than Coinspot, which charges 1% for trading. With Swyftx’s demo account, you can improve your trading abilities. Prior to investing your hard-earned money, you must have some

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